GO GREEN: A big thank you for all your support. 2011 was a great year for GREENPLANET We planted over 3, 50,000 native trees and shrubs across several sites of Gujarat. Our team has also been working hard to compile up-to-date planting reports to let you know where your contributions are going.Take a look at these detailed reports on our greentreebank.org You can continue to support our important re vegetation work and 2012 planting projects by Donate a tree - wash the sins. And help sequester carbon emissions, restore biodiversity and provide habitat for native animals. Many thanks again for your support. Ahmed Pathan, President/CEO: Greenplanet

Why Plant Trees? (GO GREEN)

Trees have played a critical role in maintaining safe levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere for millions of years.Trees remove and store CO2 from the atmosphere as they grow.They do this by the process of photosynthesis i.e. They use the energy from sunlight to produce sugar, which cellular respiration converts into ATP, the "fuel" used by all living things. Trees play an important role in addressing climate change and assisting our agricultural areas to be more sustainable.They do this by helping to reduce atmospheric CO2 levels. They can also assist in preventing salinity and soil erosion; provide shade, shelter, food and habitat to native animals

Late Shree Bharatbhai Patel
Rupeshbhai B.Patel
Ankurbhai B.Patel